These are the new additions for our 2009 display.

There are 60 boxes of 100ct. clear mini lights. These will go on our MEGA tree for next years display. We hope to animate using Light O Rama!

These lights are for Cade's room for 2009. This will put him just under 11,000 lights in his room. This year he had 9,135 lights. To see more pictures go see the Cade's Crazy Room tab at the top of the page.

We finally got our LOR boxes on 3/10/2009.

For our 2009 Christmas display we will be animating our lights using Light-O-Rama. Since this will be our first year animating we will start small with only 48 channels. So stop by for our Christmas display to see our lights dance with the music. 

This is the newest edition to the Christmas 2009 display. We got this beauty off of eBay back in February. This inflatable is 12ft. long and about 6 feet tall. I will have to say, this is one of the most fun inflatables I have ever gotten. Thanks pumpkinhead232 for the inflatable!!!

Frisco City Lights