Ice Day 1-28-2009

Today we all woke up to an ice wonderland!!! Last night it got down to 20 degrees so all the sleet we got froze HARD!!!

This is looking down our street. The street was covered in an inch of ice.

This is a different view of the street. Now it looks like water on the sides of the street, but it is actually solid ice, it just doesn't have sleet on it; making it white.

This is the front of our house. The sidewalk was so slippery I almost fell and busted my butt. People across the street who saw that probably laughed at me.

This is another view of our street. Again the street was covered with 1 inch of ice. Oh and the grass was frozen as well, when I walked on it, it was super crunchy.

In this picture I was trying to show the icicles that had formed on our trees by the house.

Here is our rain gauge that had filled up with one inch of water and froze.

These are our bushes in the front

Our flag and the whole front side of our house got covered in ice that night.

This is a picture of the side of our arch in the front of our house. It was suppose to show the ice on the bricks, but it didnt show up very well. :(

This is my favorite picture!!! Here you can see the icicles hanging from our umbrella outside. And if you look closely at the bottom, you can see the ice on the ground.

There was ice all over our grass. When I walked out there to take a picture it was really crunchy and hard.

The roof had a lot of ice on it.


This is a picture looking out of the office window of our house. The wind was blowing to the north so our house and as welll as the windows facing the north got ice all over it. I thought it was neat when I took a picture of this!

Frisco City Lights