Hi, my name is Cade, I really really love Christmas lights. This is the 3rd year I have decorated my room. This past display(2008) I had 9,135 lights in my room. I bought a little over 2,000 lights. That should put me at 11,000 lights for the 2009 display.

This is the entrance to my room. This year was the first year I added LED lights to the display. This year I also added the color changing wreath. Around the door I have four strands on 100ct. mini lights. they are red, blue, green, and clear.

This is right next to the entrance of my room. It is a tree with multi lights as the shape of the tree, and then clear lights as the inside of the tree. See how the clear lights go up and down? That is what I like to call a grid. So if you ever hear me say "grid" that is what I mean.

This is directly to the right of my room when you walk in. The angled part of the ceiling has a red snowflake, and blue and green grids to the right and left of the snowflake. Up above that is ceramic multi colored c-7's. And then hanging from the ceiling is clear 300ct. icicle lights. Next I hung a set of 100ct. clear minis to the ceiling in the shape of the tree. On the wall in the middle is a huge multi colored grid. Below the multi colored grid is the tree made out of lights. Lastly I have frosty surrounded by garland that has red and white lights.

This is the coolest tree I made this year. The tree has one set of green mini lights as the shape and then a multi colored grid on the inside. This thing took up a whole bunch of lights. To the right and left of the tree is a blue grid.

This is right next to my bed. It is a white snowflake with 100ct. mini lights. Nest to that is a red grid. As you have seen already, I have  red snowflake; With these and all the rest of the lights in my room I use staples to hang them up. I do not buy wire frames and then hang them on the wall, all I do is buy the lights and staple them to the wall.

This also was an addition to the display. It was going to be for next year, but I couldn't wait to set it up. This is an 8ft snowman inflatable with a set of over large lights.

This is a picture of the wall right above my doors. There is a clear grid on that whole wall. Also around the door is a set of musical lights. And hanging from my ceiling fan is a tree that is made out of LED lights.

This is a tree that I made out of a set of green 100ct. mini lights and a set of red 50ct. light set. Below that is a red grid that I made.

This is a close up of frosty that I mentioned before.

This is another grid that I did that has 2 colors. It is hard to see what colors I used, but i will tell you. :)I used two sets of 100ct. yellow mini lights, and two sets of 100ct. purple mini lights. One thing that I didn't mention was the garland going around and across my room.  You might have seen it in other pictures, but some of you might not; it is the gold garland that is hanging form the walls all around my room. I used purple mini lights to light it up.

Here are some pictures of the new lights I will be adding to the display next year. I think I bought a little over 2,000 lights for next year. I can't wait until Christmas 2009!

Frisco City Lights